• Image of Patchwork Scrap Quilt

This quilt is made using an improvisational patchwork technique. Viewed within a contemporary fine art context, this quilt becomes an object of aesthetic beauty and tactility; however its association with utility. language and history cannot be ignored.

By using instructions passed down to me by a previous generation of women who quilted, I have developed my own instructional framework that draws upon folklore, spoken histories and handed-down practical skills. Here I explore notions of feminism and symbolism within textile based work and the important role such objects of utility can play to develop a new visual language that can link people to their past, present and future.

This quilt is made up of cotton and linen scraps, it has a cotton batting and a white linen back and is tied with wool.

92cm x 90cm

This is intended to be displayed as a wall hanging but can be for practical use.